The Ultimate Scenic Flight Experience

See The Pearl From The Sky!

Elevate your perspective of Uganda’s breathtaking landscapes as you take flight with BAR Aviation, the country’s premier provider of scenic flight experiences. We offer an unrivaled vantage point from our high-quality aircrafts, giving you an exclusive, bird’s eye view of the nation’s most mesmerizing sights.

Cessna 172

1,000,000 UGX

Countless satisfied customers and industry professionals have applauded its outstanding capabilities, making it the top choice for those seeking a truly unforgettable flying experience.

Max Passenger: 2
Location: Kajjansi
Flight Time: Approximately 50 minutes

UShs 1,000,000BOOK NOW

UShs 1,000,000BOOK NOW

B206 Jet Ranger

6,000,000 UGX

The Bell 206 Helicopter is one of the most successful and safest helicopters ever built.

Max Passenger: 4
Location: Kajjansi
Flight Time: Approximately 30 minutes

UShs 4,000,000BOOK NOW

UShs 4,000,000BOOK NOW

What You Could See

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria



Kampala City

Kampala City

Namboole Stadium

Namboole Stadium

What’s Included

  • Welcome introduction and safety briefing.
  • View local landmarks.
  • Plenty of opportunity for photographs and videos.
  • BAR Gift Bag.

What Can I Expect

Your experienced pilot will give you a commentary over your headset during your trip, so you get to hear interesting facts about the buildings, geological features and key sights all visible during your ride. Make sure you remember your phone/camera, because there are bound to be plenty of unmissable photo opportunities that you’ll want to capture and share.

All helicopter trips include a pre-flight briefing before you head out to the helipad and climb aboard the chopper. The fleets vary from one venue to another, but most operate trips using a Bell Ranger helicopters or C-172 plane.


  • Dates and flight times are subject to availability and weather conditions, but we try to fly that’s best suited to the date you wish.

Our Flying Experience

With over 16 years of flying and over 50,000 flights, you are assured of maximum safety and efficient services provided by our experienced and professional team.

Soar with BAR Aviation and experience the extraordinary.

With BAR Aviation, you’re not just a passenger – you’re an explorer. Our team of experienced pilots and professionals are passionate about showcasing the beauty of Uganda from the air. They are committed to your safety and satisfaction, delivering a seamless experience that is as unforgettable as the views.

Our scenic flight experience is more than just a flight; it’s an intimate encounter with the land, culture, and spirit of Uganda.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply a seeker of unique experiences, or your first flight, our scenic flight service offers an opportunity to savor the diverse landscapes of Uganda in a way that ground travel cannot match.

Soar with BAR Aviation and experience the extraordinary. Discover a side of Uganda that few get to see. Elevate your travel experiences.
Sign up for our scenic flight service today and prepare to be amazed by the aerial wonders of Uganda.


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