Medical Evacuation (MedEvac)

BAR Aviation emergency medical services

BAR Aviation emergency medical services (EMS) is your go-to aeromedical solutions.

From medical escort services to specialty care, BAR Aviation offers a range of medical emergency response services to its clients. The services we offer include search and rescue, inter-facility transfers, 911 responses, retrievals and repatriation of remains. BAR Aviation has a dedicated and highly technical team certified flight paramedics that are available for your response 24/7.

Among the things that make BAR Aviation EMS stand out, is the ability to integrate high level expertise with optimum patient care in flight, and versatility and dynamism to do wing – to – wing transfers, ground – to – air as well as air – to – ground transfers.

The fleet of medically configurable aircraft that BAR Aviation EMC possesses includes a bell 412Epi (which is the latest generation bell aircraft) with a glass cockpit, and enough cabin space to support 2 critically sick and highly dependent patients.

BAR Aviation Uganda medical flights
BAR Aviation MedEvacs flights
MedEvac setup
MedEvac configuration

The Beechcraft 1900D is a spacious 19- sitter aircraft that can be configured to accommodate 2 highly dependent patients. It’s also a long-range twin-engine aircraft that has the capability to evacuate a patient to fast destinations outside the central and eastern regions of Africa.

The Pilatus PC 12, is a benchmark aircraft for aeromedical service providers globally. It has a lower consumption and yet boosts of super full filling endurance. It has the capacity to fly from East Africa, to Paris, Egypt or Cape Town, without a stop. This makes the patient’s comfort and transportation short.

It’s also considerably faster with a cruising speed of over 800kph or 280knots. This fleet is ever growing with capacity to expand with increasing demand.


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