GEO Survey

GEO Survey Services

Unlock a bird’s-eye view of your project with our range of superior aerial surveying and mapping services. From UAV Drone to Topographical Survey using BAR Drones, we offer various innovative solutions for swiftly acquiring data from even the most difficult locations. Experience faster delivery and exceptional results!

Drone Surveying Service

Advancements in drone technology have revolutionized the way data is collected and processed. Now, BAR’s cutting-edge drones allow for precise datapoints to be gathered quickly, making it possible for our clients to access results faster than ever before. By providing valuable insights from this vital information much sooner – we are helping professionals realize their goals quicker with less hassle.

Land Surveying

With our far-reaching and customized drone surveying services, you can get comprehensive topographic maps and 3D models of areas with minimal or no access to evidence. Our experienced GIS team then process the data using innovative photogrammetry software to produce precise deliverables such as Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Contour lines, Ortho Mosaics/Ortho Imagery; all in a hassle-free manner! So experience cutting edge CAD mapping technology today – Get your accurate land surveys from us now!

Land Management & Development

At the forefront of land management and development, our expertise has enabled a range of private and public organizations with reliable pre-construction planning. Our approach to surveying provides comprehensive data for site scouting, allotment design, mapping – plus construction projects involving roads, utilities and buildings – at cost effective solutions. We encourage those invested in land planning to take advantage of topographic surveys; expediting their insights into successful project execution from start (scouting) all the way through finish!

Slope Monitoring

Our experts utilize GIS mapping, LIDAR survey data, and aerial surveys to detect the slightest movement of land. With such vigilance in monitoring slope failure through Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM), we are well-equipped with reliable information for landslide mitigation – anticipating potential damage ahead of time before it can cause harm!

Urban Planning

Leveraging the power of revolutionary drone technology, we have empowered private developers and public authorities alike to survey sites with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Our proficiency in collecting aerial data, LIDAR surveys, and other essential information via cutting-edge drones has positioned us as an industry leader – bringing forth valuable insights for more informed urban planning decisions that can benefit society at large.

Benefits of Using Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveying is an innovative and efficient way to monitor your property – all without a human stepping foot on the land! Quickly collect data with no disruptions, keep tabs on water damage or erosion problems, and get recommendations on how to solve any issues. Our drones are used in various industries such as electric utilities, telcoms structures management , agriculture, forestry applications so you’re sure to benefit from our superb service regardless of industry needs. Get ready for vivid bird’s-eye view photos that will quickly be analyzed by professionals who know exactly what they’re looking for – trust us when it comes time for actionable insights about bettering your business operations!

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