BAR Aviation Fleet

BAR Aviation offers some of the most luxurious and comfortable travel experiences ever imagined. From game parks to international adventures, make your journey one like no other with unmatched services that will satisfy even the highest expectations. Embark on a truly unforgettable getaway today!

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Beechcraft 1900 D

The Beechcraft 1900D is a 21 seater twin engine pressurized aircraft, suitable for bigger groups of passengers and cargo.

Pilatus PC-12

For all VIP and regional or intercontinental medical evacuation flights, our pressurized eight seater has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance and operational flexibility.

Caravan 208B

This single turboprop engine, fixed gear, and utility aircraft with 12 passenger seats, has over the years proven as the champion of the bush airstrips, able to take passengers and cargo just anywhere; in fact it’s a workhorse.

Cessna 172

This beautiful work horse is mainly used for small number of passengers, cargo, Cash in Transit (CIT) and for training purposes.

Hercules L-100

The L100-30 is a cost-effective aircraft with a cargo configuration specifically designed to accommodate specialized, outsized and heavy freight.

Rotary Wing Aircraft

Eurocopter EC130

With its look, Eurocopter is designed to provide passengers with an unmatched visibility and comfort, offering a remarkable flight experience.

B505 Jet Ranger

BAR Aviation’s MedEvac B505 helicopter is the first of its kind in Africa with a unique design, competitive cost and flexible medical kit installation.

B206 Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 Helicopter is one of the most successful and safest helicopters ever built.

Bell 412 EPi

BAR Aviation Bell 412 platforms are as versatile as your daily requirements. As one of the roomiest, most flexible and cost-effective aircraft on the market.

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