BAR with UMC Victoria Hospital to Ensure a Functional Workforce

On the 23rd of June 2023 at Kajjansi air field, BAR SOS launched and held the very first medical camp in alliance with UMC Victoria hospital Bukoto. The camp, which is to happen at least thrice a year, is meant to ensure that our staff is fit and healthy for increased productivity.

We are to handle a variety of medical examinations and services, eye examinations and care for all our staff because good eye sight is vital for smooth running of work as an aviation company. Our pilots need a clear view, computers strain eyes so we need to ensure good care for the eyes. We are also carrying out BPM checkups, blood pressure checkups, HIV testing and counseling as well as diet and weight management. We are also to carry on blood donations as a way of giving back to the community due to the increased number of accidents yet there is scarcity of blood and this is why BAR SOS AND UMC are in unison with Nakasero blood bank. in this medical camp, 19 pax of blood where collected so we can say it’s a wonderful start.

We are also offering consultation services to our staff so that we guide them to make good healthy decisions. We are doing all this hoping to have an active and functional work force for efficient productivity.

Samuel Kiirya, the operations manager at BAR SOS says that this is to be a recurring initiative that is absolutely free of charge to all staff and shall be carried out at least thrice a year. He emphasizes that a healthy team is a gem for excellent service delivery.

In this initial camp, some recommendations where made and individuals who were tested for HIV were advised to always test every after three months and always keep protecting themselves.

Individuals with a BMI above 25 were advised to maintain their weight by visiting a nutritionist at the hospital. The doctors suggested the  need for more education on blood glucose control through exercise, healthy eating, weight control and optimization of the diabetic medication.

Those with optical issues were advised to come to the hospital for further checkup and treatment so this was a powerful kickoff.

Safety is prioritized here at BAR, this is why we know it starts with having a fully functional healthy staff to give our clients the best experience with BAR AVIATION.