BAR Takes Flight for Wildlife Conservation: Collaring Elephants for a Sustainable Future

KAMPALA, UGANDA- 10th February 2024 BAR AVIATION, a leader in Uganda’s Aviation industry, has taken a bold step toward wildlife conservation by partnering with conservation organizations Wildlife Conservation Society and Uganda Wildlife Authority to fly a dedicated team of scientists and wildlife managers lead by Dr. Patrick Atimnedi, UWA, and Dr. Simon Nampindo, Wildlife Conservation Society to collar elephants in their natural habitats in Murchison Falls National Park to study the elephant ranging pattern, feeding ecology, and behavioral change as well as the human-elephant conflicts triggered by human footprint inside the park. This initiative aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship and the conservation of endangered species.

The BAR team embarked on a unique mission to support elephant conservation efforts, recognizing these majestic creatures’ critical role in maintaining ecological balance and contributing to the tourism sector. Working alongside experienced conservationists, our team members participated in the professionally managed collaring of 15 elephants, employing cutting-edge technology to monitor and track their movements for two years.

By leveraging our aviation capabilities for noble causes, BAR aims to contribute to the ongoing research and protection of elephants, ultimately aiding in developing sustainable conservation strategies. These projects represent our dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

We believe in using our resources and expertise to make a positive impact on the world. The collaring of elephants is a crucial step in understanding and safeguarding these magnificent animals,” said Dorothy Kagaba, Head of Business Development at BAR.

The initiative highlights BAR’s commitment to wildlife conservation and underscores the importance of cross-industry collaborations in addressing global environmental challenges. BAR has engaged in other projects, including transporting the Northern White Rhinos from South Africa to Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Black Rhinos from South Africa to Chad. As responsible corporate citizens, we strive to inspire others to join the cause and contribute to protecting our planet’s biodiversity.