BAR SOS Participates in Sustainable Tourism Expo (POATE)

The Ministry of Tourism hosted a monumental conference aimed at unveiling and furthering the development of Uganda’s national parks. From May 23rd to 25th, the conference brought together tourism professionals, government representatives, and industry stakeholders. Notable participants included BAR Aviation, BAR Drones, and BAR SOS, creating an enthusiastic environment for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

Discussions centered around sustainable tourism practices, regional collaboration, digital innovation, and wildlife conservation. The event’s keynote speakers encompassed representatives from regional tourism boards and notable conservation organizations, bringing a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives to the table.

Samuel Kirya, the head of operations at BAR SOS, played a pivotal role by volunteering satellite devices and an app to the delegates visiting the national parks. This initiative ensured that delegates were well-prepared for any emergencies while exploring Uganda’s natural beauty in these remote areas. Emphasizing the importance of safety, Kirya encouraged all tour operators to subscribe to the BAR SOS service to guarantee a reliable backup plan in unforeseen circumstances.

The agenda for the conference also included in-depth workshops and interactive panel discussions, covering various aspects of tourism development. These sessions explored innovative approaches to boosting tourism while maintaining environmental integrity and cultural heritage. One of the highlights was a presentation on cutting-edge digital tools aimed at enhancing visitor experiences and ensuring sustainable resource management. Furthermore, case studies from other regions were examined to draw valuable lessons and best practices.

BAR Aviation showcased their latest air transport solutions, which align with the tourism sector’s evolving needs. Their focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction was evident in their presentations.

Meanwhile, BAR Drones illustrated how drone technology is utilized in wildlife monitoring, prevention of poaching, and habitat mapping. These technological advancements promise to revolutionize managing conservation efforts, making them more effective and data-driven.

The conference aimed to elevate Africa as a premier travel destination, emphasizing sustainable development and regional cooperation. Attendees were encouraged to network and explore partnerships that would foster growth and sustainability in the tourism sector. The event also served as a platform for launching new initiatives and announcing upcoming projects, reflecting a forward-thinking and dynamic approach to tourism development.

For continuous updates, follow the event on social media and visit the official website. The insightful discussions and groundbreaking ideas shared at the conference are expected to have a lasting impact on Uganda’s tourism landscape. The collaborative spirit and shared commitment to conservation and innovation painted a promising future for the region’s tourism industry.

The BAR SOS team is available 24/7 to provide support and coordinate emergency response services, ensuring peace of mind for all travelers. Whether you need medical evacuation, security guidance, or crisis management, BAR SOS is just a call away. Their comprehensive approach to safety and emergency preparedness offers a crucial lifeline in critical situations, underscoring their dedication to ensuring that all visitors have a safe and memorable experience.

BAR SOS is conveniently located at Kajjansi Airfield, Gate 3 at the BAR Aviation head offices.

For further information, contact us at 0744 222 333 or email Visit our website at The team’s unwavering commitment to safety and excellent service makes them an invaluable partner in Uganda’s thriving tourism industry.