Aircraft Leasing

Access unprecedented flexibility and the largest fleet and coverage in Uganda. With BAR Aircraft Lease – your ticket to tailor-made travel on a budget.

Take advantage of our fleet, comprising multiple aircraft types, as we position them near you – complete with a dedicated crew at all times – so you can take off when YOU need it most.

Don’t let market insecurity clip your wings any longer; fly smarter today!

Our Flying Experience

With over 16 years of flying and over 50,000 flights, you are assured of maximum safety and efficient services provided by our experienced and professional team.

For business or personal use

At uncertain times or in need of swift decisions, free yourself from the strictures of charter aircraft and soar with our unbeatable private jet lease. Our dedicated solutions enable you to stay on top for business, family matters or personal concerns such as health and safety – anytime it’s needed!

Corporations looking for more flexible flight plans can rest easy knowing we guarantee departures without being tied into ownership; all backed by first-class service even when your own plane is down due to maintenance checks or pre-sale reviews.


Need to fly safely for work or with family

Need a dedicated option at a moment’s notice

Don’t wish to share due to health situation


Need to react quickly to market changes

Not the time to commit to ownership

Charter does not offer the security of a guaranteed departure

Aircraft owners

When your aircraft is on order or in maintenance

If the aircraft is stuck in pre-sale checks

If your crew is impacted by constantly changing safety checks

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Corporate Solutions by BAR Aviation

BAR Aviation is proud to introduce Corporate Solutions, a revolutionary way to maximize your investment in corporate aviation!

Corporate Solutions by BAR Aviation

As a leader in the industry, we understand the needs of our clients and have created a comprehensive suite of customizable services that bring more efficiency and cost savings to flight departments. Our consultative approach focuses on creating individualized solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s unique objectives, making sure no quality or safety compromise is made along the way.

At BAR Aviation, our mission is to help corporate aviation groups make smart investments for their program’s success. We provide professional guidance for streamlining operations and specialized support so you can confidently move forward with projects both big and small. With Corporate Solutions by BAR AVIATION, you get access to talented subject matter experts who are committed to finding the best possible solutions for your business – maximizing your return on investment.

Tailored Solutions to Complement any Corporate Flight Department

At BAR AVIATION, our goal is to provide you with the best corporate aviation solutions that are tailored perfectly to your needs. Our team of aviation consultants have over 25 years in the field and are all pilots with airline transport ratings, putting them at the forefront of preferred aircraft expertise.

We want to help you reach the next level of efficiency and capabilities with our 24/7 meteorologists, customer service representatives and very own Operations Control Center. With us, you will experience an individualized approach that is flexible every step of the way; from secure ground handling to managing airport slots.

Rest assured—your unique flights will be catered for with maximum safety considerations and minimal disruption. Experience reliable planning, quick response times and specialist support when choosing Corporate Solutions by BAR Aviation.

Complement any Corporate Flight Department

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