About Us

BAR Aviation

At BAR Aviation, we are proud to serve as the premier provider of aviation services in Uganda. Our network includes four distinct service arms – Daily Scheduled Domestic Flights, Aviation Charters and Regional/International flights recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), an accredited Academy for aspiring pilots and engineers & advanced maintenance organization (AMO). We truly offer a comprehensive range of Airline solutions that make us your first choice when it comes to air transportation needs!

Umatched Safety

Umatched Safety

With an impeccable safety record, you can be assured that you are in safe hands when you fly with BAR Aviation.

Private Charters

Cost Effective Solutions

We seek to provide the most cost effective solutions to cater for your needs without compromising on safety.

Professionally Qualified

Professionally Qualified

Our team members have been involved in the aviation industry for many years, and are trained to industry standards.

Our Flying Experience

With over 16 years of flying and over 50,000 flights, you are assured of maximum safety and efficient services provided by our experienced and professional team.

Who We Are

BAR Aviation Team

We envision a world where aviation is essential to global business and transportation of clients. At the heart of our vision is the idea that aviation not only enables people to move around quickly, it also has an immense potential to create economic growth and support trade and tourism all over the world.

We aim to provide aviation services that are reliable and safe, while creating jobs throughout aviation-related industries. In order to do this, we will invest in training young and energetic pilots so that they can operate aircraft safely, confidently and efficiently for our esteemed clients. By connecting people all over the globe through aviation, we strive to become an indispensable aviation service provider with a strong commitment to social responsibility and global sustainability. The potential of aviation is truly limitless, and our ambition is to unlock the power of aviation for making a positive impact on future generations.

With this ambitious vision in mind, we are determined to become a trusted partner in rapidly providing worldwide transportation networks for esteemed customers. This will be marked along with significant economic growth, job creation as well as thriving tourism activity facilitated by aviation services provided by us. Our aim is to make aviation an indispensable part of Ugandan and global business.

We have a passion for aviation excellence!

Our Vision

We want to be the most important aviation company, providing a rapid transportation network for esteemed clients all over the world. We will help create economic growth, jobs, and training opportunities for young pilots. We will also boost trade and tourism.

Our Values

  • Provide a level of safety second to none.
  • We provide our clients with unmatched services and products that meet superior standards.
  • Create an environment where everyone is respected, rewarded and empowered.
  • Our shared success is dependent on our collective team capabilities.

Our Mission

To provide safety and security to our clients and employees. We will do this by providing customized air transportation experiences. We will foster continuous improvement, teamwork, and growth in all our operations and services.


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